Submit URLs To Google In Search Results

Getting your site indexed by Google has always been critical when it comes to appearing in the search engine results, and traditional means of doing so have usually been either waiting for Google to find it at worst, or at best, setting up a search console account (what used to be Google Webmaster Tools) and submitting a request that the site be re-indexed.

Eventually, Google provided a “submit URL tool” that people could use, but now, they’ve gone even further, and built a tool directly into the search engine results.

All you need to do is go to Google and search “submit url to Google” and the tool will appear in a featured snippet box.

You type or paste the URL of the page into the box, prove to Google’s satisfaction that you’re a real live human being, and click “submit.”


Submit URL To Google

Other Tools

This isn’t the only tool that’s been built into the search results recently either. You can also test the sped of your internet connection, by going to Google and searching “speed test.”

This will bring up a snippet box with some explanation text, and a button to start the test.

Google Speed Test

Pretty clever really. Of course, this means that people offering a speed test service are going to lose traffic…