Support Paid Search With YouTube Advertising

While it’s tempting to focus your energy on generating high-converting leads from paid advertising targeted directly at people who are actively searching for your product, brand or service, it’s important to remember that there isn’t an unlimited supply of those type of leads. The more niche your offering is, the more limiting this fact is, but the truth is that almost every business faces the problem at one time or another.

Because of this, it’s important that you don’t neglect the higher level strategies that function to inform people about your offering before they even know that they need it. This includes display and remarketing strategies, but YouTube is emerging as an advertising channel that deserves more recognition.

3 Reasons To Consider YouTube

Audience Size

YouTube boasts that it has 2 billion users. That’s 30% of all internet users worldwide, and 25% of the entire population of the world. That makes YouTube possibly one of the biggest online audiences out there.

Advanced Targeting

YouTube’s targeting options provide a wide variety of ways to reach the right audience, but it’s ability to utilise affinity and in-market audiences (like the Display Network does) in conjunction with the incredible variety of content available makes it uniquely well suited to reaching a higher level audience (not one searching for you in other words) while they are consuming relevant content.

Cost Per View / Cost Per Click

Considering the broad reach and amount of relevant content, YouTube usually has a surprisingly low cost, particularly if you’re looking at branding campaigns.  Various options for bidding exist depending on your campaign goals and objectives, and the right one will depend on your requirements, but in comparison to the quality of views it’s possible to get, costs are generally lower than the other Google Ads platforms.

Broad Approaches

While it’s the highly focused, low level leads that are best for converting, it’s important to reach a wider audience at an earlier point, in order to help create those more focused leads later. YouTube is a relatively simple and cost effective way of helping to create those people who will be searching for you more directly when they find a need for the solution they offer.