Tappable Mobile Sitelinks

According to Google, more than 50% of searches are done on mobile devices, and in certain countries, mobile searches have overtaken that of desktop searches. So, it is no surprise that Google continues to make major mobile user experience improvements and updates. Some may even call it a “Mobilegeddon.”

Based on their research, more than 65% of smartphone users now expect to get immediate information while using their smartphone, but mobile constraints such as small screens can make it difficult to immediately show customers what they want to know.

Google Ads Extensions Become More Mobile Friendly

As a result, Google has recently done another major upgrade to Google Ads extensions: Sitelinks are now tappable, and more interactive which allows for call-outs and structured snippets to get more real estate. Ultimately, mobile sitelinks are simplified by using horizontal buttons and larger vertical links.

Sitelinks are extensions to ads, which take users to specific pages on a website, allowing a user to skip right to what they want to know or buy. Call-outs and structured snippets provide additional info below the ad copy and highlight info such as unique selling points, services, product categories, amenities and more. All this info is input by the advertiser when setting up the ads.

This month, Ad Words launched the update to mobile Google Ads extensions, making sitelinks tappable on mobile devices. The previous mobile version was not at all interactive, and site links would often be cut off by the edge of the screen. This  update allows users to scroll from side to side on the site links.

In the past, call-outs and structured snippets appeared in a separate line below the ad, but with this update, they now show in line with the ad copy, in paragraph form. This ultimately means that more of the call-out and structured snippet text will be able to show with the ad.

Update Matches Organic Site Links

This update is in line with the new design for organic sitelinks that Google rolled out a few weeks earlier in search results.  The only difference between Google Ads sitelinks and those on regular organic listings is that the sitelink on the organic listing is generated automatically, and works according to Google’s Search algorithms and structured data, while the Google Ads sitelinks are chosen by the advertiser.

According to Google’s tests, data and user studies, users find this format to be more informative and engaging, and early results show that users are twice as likely to interact with sitelinks in this new format.