The Focus of Your Search Engine Optimization Services

With so many SEO methods available today, many are wondering if there are any quick and cheap search engine optimization practices that can get them results. A good SEO agency knows there are no easy-fixes for your rankings.

While many companies offer search engine optimization packages that will include a combination of the below services, that work in tandem to improve how the website is indexed, it can always help to know which chicken lays the most eggs.

The most effective methods vary from market to market and can even be affected by who your intended target audience is. Below we cover some of the most common practices by professional SEO agencies, and why you may want them to focus on a specific method.


Link building is oldest method used to get indexed better. It carries less and less weight these days but will always have value to offer to a website. If not for the rankings, then for the traffic it can stimulate from the inbound links.

It just has to be contextual and not too excessive. Spam linking will help in short term but websites that use this method, as they’re spotted by Google, will never stay long at the top.

Search Engine Optimization Keywords

The old SEO keywords practices focused on putting useful keywords in the meta description but these days, as indexing algorithms become more advanced, it’s about placing these in the content.

This is one of the most effective ways to get bumped in the rankings but is incredibly time consuming and often requires expert content writers that can communicate your company message while optimizing around targeted keywords.

Paid vs. Organic Search

Organic search results have more credibility than paid as they’ve earned their placement. But ultimately, for companies struggling with their rankings, paying to be at the top will be more valuable to your site than toiling in obscurity on page 6 of the results.

Also, paid search is stable. You won’t have to practice such regular SEO because your placement is guaranteed.

Content Popularity

This method requires the most finesse and will likely involve a combination of the above methods as well as a social media campaign. Content that’s had many views looks like public interest to Google, so it ranks well.

Promoting your content on social networks can be effective but it should be relevant and interesting rather than a special offer or an advertisement. Trying to get linked to someone else’s content is a good strategy but can be challenging, as the content will have to be quite credible to get cited by other content publishers online.