The SEO Quick-Fix Illusion

One of the major misconceptions about search engine optimisation, (SEO), is that it’s a quick fix that SEO professionals can simply add onto your finished website after the fact, to help you get the best rankings.

In reality though, SEO is nothing of the sort. Rather, SEO is a focused strategy that needs to be taken into account well before your website is completed. Indeed, it’s an essential part of the design and development phase of any website, and something that needs to be taken into account from the start.

Despite this, a surprising number of people are in search of the elusive “quick fix SEO” that will magically grant them high search result rankings. What they usually fail to realise though, is that it’s probably cheaper to redesign an entire website from scratch, basing it on sound SEO principles, than it is to try and optimise an already existing site.

The SEO Reality

Search engine optimisation isn’t a priority for designers or developers. Designers make the appearance of the site their priority, just like developers make the sites functionality theirs. SEO professionals on the other hand, do make optimisation their priority. And that priority is to make sure that certain SEO specific elements are kept in mind while the other processes are being carried out.

At the same time, internet marketing consultants make sure that all these disparate elements of your website combine to follow the underlying marketing objective of your online business presence.

SEO And Modern Online Marketing

We are, for good or ill, long past the days when a website was just a website. An electronic page that served as a small storefront for your business, or a glorified electronic brochure for customers who happened to be lucky enough to have an internet connection.

Today, internet marketing has grown alongside the huge numbers of people using the net to search for everything they need. And as a result of this rapidly growing discipline, its become harder and harder for any single person to maintain an expertise in every field.

As in medicine, its become more and more important to utilise different specialists, depending on what your online objectives are. You wouldn’t ask your chiropractor to check out your ear infection for example.

In the same way, SEO specialists are not designers or developers. They’re just specialists in one area of expertise. An area that needs to be carefully planned in conjunction with all other aspects of the online marketing initiative.

Give Me A Quick Fix Anyway

There isn’t one.

But, there are a couple of possibilities that you can take advantage of, if you’re not willing to redesign your entire site.

Companies like Net Age, with extensive experience in the online market, may be able to offer some add-ons for your website. These may come in the form of links, keywords and content or meta-tag packages which can help improve your rankings. But these packages alone will not mean that your site is truly optimised for search engines.

Before you can know what will help you best, you really need an SEO expert to analyse your site, and provide a professional opinion within his field.