Tips For Mobile Ecommerce

With mobile searches now outstripping desktop searches thanks to the prevalence of smart phones and other mobile devices, the importance of considering mobile usability, for ecommerce specifically, is now greater than ever before.

Although purchases are still made more frequently on desktops in South Africa, even that last bastion of desktop dominance is starting to fade. However, a bad mobile experience can easily drive a potential customer to a competitor.

Below, we’ll mention some things that could be making it difficult for you to realise your mobile ecommerce goals.

Mobile Site Speed

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your mobile ecommerce platform is if it’s slow. Mobile is, almost by definition, meant to be quick and convenient, and if your pages are loading slowly, it’s going to have an impact on your conversion rate.

Mobile Usability

Linked to convenience and ease of use in the same way that speed is, the more difficult it is for a visitor to make a purchase on your site (mobile or otherwise), the less likely people are to do it.

Whether it’s because of inconvenient pop-ups, sign-up forms or complicated payment options, anything that makes it more difficult for a visitor to complete a transaction will increase your abandonment rates.

Integrated Marketing Efforts

None of your marketing efforts should exist as stand-alones. Mobile, desktop, social, email, it all needs to work together so that you can target potential customers across multiple channels, wherever they are.

Visitors need to trust your site no matter where they access it from, and be able to make a purchase without interruption, in as few steps as possible.