Typical Services Offered by an SEO Company

South Africa certainly isn’t new to SEO. A company in Cape Town with a website though, for instance, will either be still completely oblivious to any search engine optimisation practices past link-building and content writing or think that all the external services revolve around paid search advertising.

We explore some of the lesser known services that SEM consultant’s offer, which benefit your website’s ranks in a less physically apparent manner but in equally effective ways.

Although split into services for existing and planned websites, the various professional strategies can be implemented on either of the two stages.

Existing Websites

Services below are primarily done on established websites who are looking to improve their existing ranks. This is because the activities require either some sort of online reputation or historic figures off which to work off of.

Link Building

This activity requires finesse and expert knowledge on what Google’s consider black-hat link building.

Building relationships with other websites is time consuming and frustrating, so outsourcing link building services is probably the most common of all SEO services.

Content Writing

A service that provides keyword rich content can be challenging, particularly if the market related to the content is highly professional. An SEO company must not only aim this content at web-crawlers, but also make sure that it adds value to any human being that reads it.

Striking a balance can be a problem. As the content can often end up looking clunky and unnatural.


This is a monthly report that statistically reviews the state of your current search engine optimization.

It’s useful, as it not only provides you with a good idea of what the current state of your website is but also provides you with data with which to infer the result trends for your SEO services.

Planned Websites

It’s more opportune to make use of the below services when putting your website together. Making the changes to a website that the below analyses will flag, can involve affecting the elements and structure of the page.

Keyword Research

Getting the most effective keywords to structure elements of your website around is the best strategy to get a website that seems natural to spider-bots, for results that are organic.

An SEO company can be in the unique position to tell you that although your keywords are incredibly relevant to your company and website, they aren’t the terms your target market are using when searching for websites in your industry.

Competitor Analysis

When your website is being put together, it can be very useful to see what successful websites in your industry have done to rank so high.

Not just to imitate their strategy, but also to identify and offer something valuable and unique that your competitors aren’t. Your differentiation strategy, if you will. It’s also good to see what domain design works best.

SEO Company Strategy

This the incorporation of the services above, and a range of other factors that will be affecting your rank, into one big master plan. This should be used not only to guide the development of your website but how the high rank will be maintained once it’s been achieved.