Understanding Google SEO

Google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is becoming a vital part of online marketing and success. It is aimed at making Google see your website as very relevant in response to certain keywords and key phrases. If Google sees your web site as very relevant, it will place your web site in the top ranks of the organic search results.

What Makes Google Different?

Search engines work off a set of mathematical equations, known as an algorithm, in order to obtain search results. However, Google is different to other search engines in that they use a very complicated and extensive algorithm. This algorithm is attributed to Google’s success and is, therefore, top-secret. As a result, Google is able to deliver the best results in comparison to any other search engine, and is therefore the most popular, which is the reason why Google SEO is so important.

Why Google SEO?

How often does the thought “I’ll Google it” go through your head? It has become our primary source of information, making encyclopaedias and dictionaries a thing of the past. Everyone uses Google, whether you are a professional or student. Where would we be without this service and the freedom to find any answer to anything, at the click of a button? Its this dependency on Google, in order to use the web, that makes Internet Marketing the way forward.

Obviously, the purpose of having a web site is for your current and potential customers to see it. Google SEO makes it possible for people to find your website out of possibly millions of other similar websites. Google ranks search results in the order it sees as most relevant.

The first search result is the website that Google thinks is the most relevant in response to your query, and is the most viewed by searchers. Each one below that is viewed progressively less. The second page of results is viewed very seldomly. It is therefore essential that your web site appears in the top five search results, and ideally as the first, in order to receive maximum traffic and conversion rates. A Google SEO consultant would be able to tell you how to improve your rankings. However, nobody can guarantee first place on Google rankings.

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Benefits Of Google SEO

The following are some of the benefits of engaging in Google SEO:

* SEO is a tried, tested and proven marketing strategy that works
* You can reach a specific target market
* Traffic to your web site will increase
* Targeted traffic to your web site results in a higher number of sales
* Brand awareness will increase among your target market, as they will see your brand and web site more often and be reminded of your company and services
* Your brand is being marketed everyday, all day.

Google SEO Tools

The following are some of the available Google SEO tools:

* Preferred Domain-Allows you to choose how Google displays your domain name.
* Geographic Targeting- Helps you get preference for rankings in certain geographical areas.
* Crawl Rate- Explains how Google is crawling your website and how information is downloaded.
* Top Searchers Tool- Reveals what the top ranking search phrases for your website are.

Where To Now?

Consult Net Age, an expert at providing Google SEO services, to guide you in getting the most out of your website. We can also help you to update or develop your website, as your Google SEO efforts will be pointless without a user-friendly, informative website.