Verbatim Results From Google

A long time ago, when search engines were new, there was a search operator known as “and” that made sure the words that it joined were both present on the pages you got as search engine results.

To use it, all you had to do was add a + symbol in your search. So if you searched for “website+internet+marketing” you’d get results that contained all three of those keywords.

Not long ago, Google removed the operator from its search options, saying that using “quotation marks” was a better way of searching for something. Unfortunately, users didn’t agree, and Google faced a lot of complaints. The + operator was a fundamental part of search since forever, and not only that, but it was better than “quoting” a search query.

Verbatim Search Replaces + Operator

In response to user complaints, Google has added a new search tool, that will provide you with the results that match your query exactly. Use the verbatim search tool, and Google won’t correct spelling errors, personalise your results, include synonyms and similar results, or stem words.

Ok, the verbatim results aren’t quite as easy to use as the old operator, because you have to type your query, and then only select the option after the results have turned up, but it’s still a pretty handy thing, especially for people doing research on search engines.

Using Verbatim Search

As mentioned above, first you need to type your search query and get results.

Next, you’ll need to click on the “More Search Tools”

Finally, you’ll need to click on “Verbatim” in the menu that opens

Your search results will refresh, and you’ll get the results for exactly what you typed. This lack of personalisation could prove a boon to SEO’s and other people who need to know what raw search results look like. We look forward to trying it out, and seeing what sort of results we get.