2017 Internet Trends To Look Out For

Since 2001 Mary Meeker has been delivering annual web trend reports, shedding some light on what direction the internet trend scale will take throughout the year. This years report boasted some 355 slides predicting where web trends are headed.

Key Points From The Report

Increased Internet Usage

Internet usage has increased by about 4% compared from the previous year. This should definitely boost traffic for online sales and the ability for brands to reach larger audiences.

Smartphone Technology Improving

We spend a lot of time on our phones and what better way to improve communication and brand-consumer engagement than with smartphone tech. Features such as Geo targeting and the ability to create apps that can also be linked to your website make online shopping accessible and payment easy.

Online Advertising Growth

Online ads are showing a huge increase and the report shows internet advertising should obliterate tv ads.

Social Media Driving Sales

Social media provides a large scale for brand awareness, interaction and engagement. With unlimited target reach, you should be using this platform to get people familiar with your product.

Image Search Is On The Rise

The demand for effective tools surrounding image search is growing, proving that web users are becoming more visually driven. In the report Mary confirmed that by 2020, image search will make up 50% of searches.

Voice Search Is A Game Changer

Search is rapidly replacing typing, stats show 20% of queries on Google mobile platforms were made via voice search. Hence Google is improving features on voice recognition to enhance voice search usability and overall experience.

Gaming Growth

Gaming continues to shape online experience, gaming features are getting more sophisticated and advanced to promotes tech innovation and spark new ideas. This is definitely improving human and computer interaction.

Significant Growth In Online Streaming

With Netflix showing a 30% increase, this shows more and more people are opting to stream series and movies online.

More Insights

The report covers a range of other interesting topics, including, the growth of internet usage in India, the significant drop in smartphone shipment and is how it’s slowing internet growth. Mobile has gradually taken over desktop, making your site mobile friendly should be a priority. If you’d like to see the full report, you can access it here: https://www.slideshare.net/kleinerperkins/internet-trends-2017-report