The Worst Online Advertising Techniques

Online shopping is one of the biggest phenomenons on the World Wide Web. Because so many people opt to browse online for products before purchasing, It‘s no wonder online ads are getting more intrusive and aggressive in hopes of driving sales.

Why Do People Dislike Online Ads?

The downside to most online ads is they are intrusive, annoying and destructive. They pretty much do more harm than good for your brand. They affect the user experience negatively. Most users have left a site as a result of frustrating ads, this contributes to a high bounce rate on a lot of sites.

The Most Ineffective Online Ads.

Pop-Up Ads

These ads are by far the worst, they either flash for your attention or cover a huge portion of site’s content that you are trying to access. They usually have a little “X” tab to close before accessing the content.

Autoplay Video & Audio Ads

These are considered the second most frustrating ads, they are very rude and intrusive. They are embarrassing and draw unwanted attention especially in public areas. 82 % of web users close a site because of autoplay ads.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are most likely found at the top or bottom of site content, They are persistent and lock in place as you scroll. These ads are annoying and are disruptive to web users.

Intra Content Ads

These ads push the content you are trying to read further down to make space for themselves, users find them very unnecessary and frustrating to deal with.

Pre-Video Ads

These ads play before the video you are trying to access on a site or YouTube and are not only annoying but time consuming. They normally have a 5-10 second countdown before you can skip and some don’t even  most don’t have a skip tab.

Retargeting Ads

Let’s be honest, retargeting ads are just plain annoying and creepy. You search for a product once and that same product ad seems to follow you around the web for weeks.

Deceptive Ads

These ads are disguised as relevant content related to your search query, tricking you to click on them. No one likes being tricked and frankly they aren’t conducive for your brand.

Related Link Ads

These ads are a lot similar to deceptive ads, they show at the end of content as related links or pdf downloads related to your search query. Again no one likes to be tricked.

Advertise Smart

The sole purpose of online advertising is to reach large audiences and drive traffic towards your brand.

If you’re using advertising that can be potentially annoying to your audience, you could be doing more harm than good with it. Be sure not accidentally hurt your brand by overuse of the above online ad techniques.