Google Ads Automation

When you choose Net Age to manage your Google Ads campaigns, we offer you the choice between manual management, and advanced automation options for your account.

Manual Management

Manual management is exactly what it sounds like. We’ll set up your campaign and monitor it, devoting a set number of hours to its management each month, depending on the size of your budget, and the complexity of your campaign.

During that time, we’ll analyse campaign performance, and modify the rules for your campaign, in order to get the best possible performance out of it.

Advanced Automation

Automation brings better results. With Google advertising management from Net Age, you also have the option of selecting our automation service.

Automation makes use of advanced 3rd party software which interfaces with your Google Ads account, monitoring it 24 hours a day, and applying specialised formula developed by Net Age based on the specific needs and goals of your business.

We still monitor your campaign manually as well, but the 24 hour monitoring provided by automation software can keep your campaign optimised all the time.

The Benefits Of Automation

* Better Return On Investment
* Get More Visitors
* Pay Less Per Click
* Identify Problem Areas Faster

Selecting Your Option

There’s no doubt that either of the available options works. And thanks to our expertise, our manual management option is effective in creating a well-performing campaign for you.

That said however, there’s no doubt in our minds that the automation option can help develop an effective campaign faster and cheaper, thanks to its constant evaluation of current factors.

It costs a little more in the short term, but in the long term, if you can afford the extra, it’ll pay for itself with improved campaign optimisation and real-time tweaks to the campaign to match the criteria we set up for it in the beginning.