Google Ads Helps With Quality Score

The new changes to the Google Ads interface that Google has just announced are designed to help users manage their accounts better. One of these changes allows account labels to simplify the grouping of keywords, ads and campaigns.

The other, potentially more significant change, breaks down quality score into three distinct segments, and provides a rating for each segment.

Quality Score Display

Quality score, a critical measure that can have marked effects on a campaign will still be shown as a score out of 10. However, it will also be broken down into some individual segments that will allow advertisers to see where their ad or campaign quality is falling short.

These segments are “expected click-through rate,” “ad relevance” and “landing page experience.”

Each will be rated on as either “average,” “below average” or “above average” which, according to Jonathan Alferness, Director of Product Management, will give advertisers a deeper look into areas of their advertising where some campaign optimisation would pay dividends.

Poor quality scores impact the cost of campaigns, and knowing that, for example, Google thinks that your landing page is not up to scratch will make it a lot easier to improve the campaign without having to worry about the other factors.

Positive Feedback

According to Alferness, the initial test of this change garnered considerable positive feedback from the marketers who were given access to it, and we’re not surprised. We for one are certainly looking forward to the global implementation of this option, because it’ll take a lot of the guesswork out of quality score problems.

According to Google, this will be implemented worldwide over the rest of the week. You’ll be able to find the quality score breakdown by clicking on the bubble next to your keyword status.