Google Ads To Review Paused Ads

According to a recent announcement by Google Ads, Google will now (as of last week actually), be reviewing paused ads in the same way that live ads are reviewed.

This also means that you can have paused ads, (both new and existing), that can be disapproved, just like your live ads can be. How much of an impact this will have on your campaign is not yet certain, but it’s certainly made it a good idea to go and take a look at your paused ads, and consider whether or not you want them reviewed.

If you don’t, the only option is to remove them altogether. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A streamlined Google Ads campaign is generally a good thing.

Why Review Paused Ads?

According to their announcement, the review of new paused ads, (which started on the 6th of September), and the soon to be implemented review of existing paused ads, is intended to eliminate unnecessary delays, and ultimately, enhance your Google Ads experience.

I suppose that, in theory, if you create an ad, but leave it paused, the fact that it will still be reviewed will make activating it a lot easier.

You can find out more about the Google Ads Approval Process here.