Content Writing As Writing

The net abounds with all manner of useful hints, tips and tricks aimed at producing content writing that will successfully market your website or blog.

More than in any other form this advice appears as articles written by webmasters and freelance content writers whose experience in the field has proven invaluable to those, like myself, who are constantly on the lookout for ways in which to improve and adapt their skills for online content writing. As is bound to happen, with all these experts giving their professional opinions, there are large discrepancies in information between one authority on the subject and the next.

Content Writing for Keywords

The most frequently debated and discussed topic seems to be that of keyword-driven content writing (aimed at drawing search engine attention and popularity) versus pure quality writing, whose purpose is to provide web users with the enjoyable experience of reading high-caliber content.

Personally, I am unable to perceive the necessity of debate on this subject. Web content writers should, first and foremost, be writers. This is the most essential factor in online content writing, often overlooked by those who press designers, developers and secretaries into the role.

Who but writers can fully comprehend the power of words to move people to action? Who, but writers, have the passion and zest for words neccessary to give those words the power to make a lasting impact on the reader? Finally, who, but writers, can really write?

I don’t mean writing in the loosest and most basic sense of the word. I mean writing to elicit an emotional reaction from the reader, which is, after all, what you want.

Let Writers Write

Think about it, anyone can pick up a paint brush and slap some colour on their wall, but it takes more than that basic skill to become a Francisco Goya or Salvador Dali­. Painting your house is not painting.

Likewise there is more to writing than jotting down a string of words that manage to convey a basic idea. Technically anyone can write, just as anyone can paint, but not just anyone can capture their audience and hold their attention through these mediums. That takes something more. Therein lies the art.

The debate, in SEO content writing circles, of quality vs quantity (low quality content writing will always be quicker to produce in larger amounts than the ‘real’ thing) is redundant. If web content writers are real writers with any self-respect at all, the work they produce will, by definition, be quality work. They will write their content to the best of their ability, relishing the challenge of working within the restraints of the websites design, as well as that of fitting the right keywords into the piece without sacrificing the integrity of their art.

You’re Not A Writer Without Readers

The purposes of online content writing are so varied as to be almost infinite. Some write just to express their views or opinions on a specific subject, others write to promote a certain ideal or perhaps to market a service or product they’re offering, but there is one common link, one element binding all these writers together. We all write to be read and to continue being read.

Keyword-stuffed content might bring us readers through search engines, but it is quality content writing that will build a loyal following of interested readers who will return to continue reading.