Is Content King?

The importance of content, good, quality content, on your website is second-to-none in terms of link building and optimisation for organic searches.

The Power of Inbound Links

I know that it cannot be denied that quality, relevant inbound links give your website unmatched credibility in the eyes of search engines, like Google, and that that credibility gets you attention, which gets you more business. (Not to mention more links, further cementing your credibility.)

So yes, links to your site have far more direct weight than your content, no matter how well-written, but don’t forget that it is the content that helps pull in these links.

No Content, No Links

People want their websites to be networked with websites that can offer their visitors something, be it a valuable service or valuable information, thus validating their own website and attracting regular, loyal visitors.

If your website can offer informative and compelling content you will not only draw regular visitors through word of mouth, your website will also be subject to traffic directed from other websites whose owners recognise your content as being of some importance.

Many people believe that this means all they need to do is stick some decent content on their website and then sit back and watch the traffic flow in. If it ever were this easy, it certainly isn’t anymore.

Content Must Adapt To The Market

There is a great deal of information on offer on the Internet, information being the primary currency of the world wide web, and the information you offer will likely face a great deal of competition. Not only this, but without adequate research and development, the content you supply may not tap into an effective niche market.

The effectiveness of your website’s content should be monitored, with regards its website traffic pulling power. Narrow your niche, target a sector with the largest demand compared to the smallest competition. Refine your website’s content, change it, update it constantly, using it to access ever-different and more focused sectors of your market, taking full advantage of it to pull the greatest possible business potential.

Content can, as they say, be king, but the path to glory is fraught with challenges you must overcome.