Measuring Advertising

Have you heard those whispered words of dissension? The voices that claim the unimaginable? The words that indicate your money disappearing into the darkened woods of uncertainty…The words “Advertising is not measurable.”

Have you heard this claim before? Most likely, you have, it’s not an uncommon statement, after all.

But it’s a lie!

Those who would make such an allegation are either lazy or clueless. In either event, this could be dangerous for your business and you should go to great lengths to avoid the advice of these uninformed miscreants.

Your advertising CAN be measured using strict marketing techniques.

Marketing Makes It Measurable

Did you know that around a billion Rand is wasted annually on misbegotten advertising campaigns and marketing schemes in South Africa?


Because of an unfortunate tendency many companies have to run headlong into grand campaigns and promotions, without having the correct checks and balances in place to ensure the profitability of such ventures.

It is these checks and balances that form the foundation of all marketing. It is these that must be used to make sure that all your advertising and promotional efforts are working towards the same goal, rather than conflicting with each other.

Begin With Marketing

Apply marketing from the start of any and every campaign, and the results of your efforts will be easily measurable. This is where many people falter. You have to start marketing from the very beginning.

If checks and balances are not put in place from the start it’s somewhat like starting a journey blindfolded. When you get to the end and look back you can’t tell how far you’ve come because you don’t know where you were when you started.

Marketing means starting an endeavour with your eyes open and the necessary tools on hand to measure the ground covered.