Characteristics Of Good Web Design

A properly designed website is both user friendly and SEO friendly, while also being persuasive enough to optimise for visitor-to-customer conversion.

SEO Web Design

A correctly designed website is automatically optimised for search engines. The rule of thumb is that if your website is easy for people to use, chances are the search engines will love it. Convenient and well-defined navigation, clear and clean layout, these are aspects of a user-friendly and SEO friendly website design.

Web design needs to be simple and clear. Too many web masters favour a busy website design, with a great deal of images and flashing animations. They seem to feel that this makes their website design appear fancy. Unfortunately all this serves to do is create a website with too many distractions contending for the visitors attention.

Good web design is clean, clear and precise. No more than one or two tasteful images, preferably no video’s or flashing graphics, unless absolutely necessary and only two or three colours.

Website Design For Your Target Market

A web design should appeal to the audience that your website is aimed at. What service or products are you offering? Who would use or want what you have to offer?

If your business is selling arts and crafts equipment then pinks and purples, even splashes of colour, would probably work in the website design to appeal to your audience. If, however, you sell skateboards or roller-blades, you might want to avoid the pastels and focus on a rougher, edgier street appeal to your website design.

Webdesign At Net Age

Net Age designers are experienced in website design that is professional-looking, easy to navigate and that compliments our SEO services to provide our clients the best online marketing value from their websites.