Search Engine Optimisation Is Google Optimisation

Although the industry is called search engine optimisation (SEO), the truth of the matter is that most websites, especially in South Africa, want and need to optimise for Google. This is because Google lays claim to a majority market share in the search industry. Google truly is the giant of search and to optimise for search engines invariably means to optimise for Google.

This is why at Net Age we focus our SEO techniques on strategies to successfully optimise for Google and its users.

Google Optimisation Is An Art…

…and not a science. In other words, just like with every aspect of SEO, when you optimise for Google, it’s a process of testing what works and constantly tweaking your strategy to get the best results.

In spite of this, the value of Google optimisation has been recognised for a long time, as such a great many techniques have been developed by, and shared amongst, SEO professionals over the years.

Google Optimisation Factors

Broadly speaking, Google optimisation is search engine optimisation, with the simple difference that to optimise for Google means, obviously, focusing on the Google search algorithms more than those of other search engines.

However, as Google doesn’t release the exact details of it’s search algorithms to the public, Google optimisation is a matter of much speculation and there aren’t a definite set of rules to help us optimise for Google.

Some standard SEO practices that work specifically as Google optimisation are:

* Using relevant keyword phrases within the title tag of the page (such as “Google optimisation” on this page)
* Consider the number of keywords (keyword density) and the emphasis of these keywords within your content by bolding or italicising the keywords.
* The number of inbound links using appropriate anchor text from other, relevant sites works especially well for Google optimisation as Google seems to give off page optimisation a lot of weight.

The Google Search Engine Objective

To supply the users of the Google search engine results matching their search.

Thus when optimising your websites (SEO) for Google, ensure that your website copy matches the web page and websites objective.

Visit the Google website to learn about the Googles Five Objectives Of Website Copy.