Why Outsource Your Pay Per Click (PPC Campaign)

Pay Per Click (PPC) And The Expanding World of Internet Advertising

When deciding to engage in a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign many companies are faced with the choice of whether to attempt the activity themselves, or to outsource the task to a PPC company. The rapid expansion of the Internet means that many people have access to its limitless virtual landscapes and PPC seems the ideal means to reach this ripe potential market.

The new accessibility of the Internet means that almost anyone can quite easily engage in PPC activities for their company, simply spend the money and receive the results, right?


This same accessibility means your competitors can just as easily and effectively start their own PPC campaign, possibly targeting the same market sectors as you. This fiercely competitive environment means that you need all the help you can get, especially when tackling the myriad complexities offered by the PPC industry. This is why PPC companies have exploded onto the marketing field so succesfully. This article will outline some ways in which you could benefit from the services of a PPC management company.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Experience

PPC companies are specialists in the realm of PPC advertising. While you could attempt the DIY approach to PPC, you couldn’t hope to match the skills of the professional pay per click expert. PPC companies will have had experience in dealing with market demands and the fierceness of competition in the PPC industry.

Keyword Research & Pay Per Click

Keyword research can be a time-consuming process, but it is a necessary one if you wish to ensure that you bid on the best keywords relating to your market. PPC companies will have keyword research departments armed with top of the line software designed to expedite the process effectively.

Knowing What To Pay Per Click

Google is in the business of making a profit, the more you pay per click the more they make. PPC Managers however are looking to spend the least amount per click, giving their clients the most amount of reward. Knowing what to bid per click is learned through managing multiple pay per click accounts (e.g. “Google Adwords) and then analysing statistics (e.g. Analytics) over a period of time.

Peace of Mind With Experienced PPC Companies

Perhaps the greatest benefit of outsourcing Pay Per Click Companies companies is the peace of mind they offer. You know and can trust that an established PPC company will take care of your Pay Per Click needs professionally.

Rather than worrying about keeping track of your campaign yourself and putting in the research, hoping you get it right, you can be sure that a PPC management company will have all covered all the bases, employing the right tools, a professional keyword researcher and expert analyst, amongst others, to make sure the job is done right.

PPC Companies Know The Search Engines

Your average established PPC management company will know their PPC networks far better than you. Whether you wish to use Google’s Adwords or one of the many other PPC choices open to you, a PPC expert will be able to advise you on the differences of each, helping you to maximise your click through rates.

Click Fraud

While not as common in South Africa as it is in other countries in the world, the dangers posed by what is known as click fraud are still very real. Click fraud is the process by which a competitor of a PPC advertiser targets his Pay Per Click advertisements with automated click generating software or by simply clicking their adverts regularly. This means that you pay for large numbers of clicks that have no chance of becoming leads.

Cutting Edge PPC-Relevant Software

To keep themselves ahead of the pack, a high-level PPC management company will usually employ a wide range of tools to improve their efficiency in delivering the best results for their clients. These offers make the services of a PPC management company swifter and more effective. The average layman would not know a good tool from a bad one and the experienced consultant will be able to offer a great deal of insight into the use and effectiveness of each tool or software application as it applies to any given internet marketing campaign.