Social Media Tips For Lockdown

It can feel strange showing up on social media in a time where people are going through extreme anxiety, devastation, illness, and massive change. But amid the chaos, businesses still need fuel to run, and that takes awareness and intention from the business owner, as much as from their staff.

Keeping clients and the public in the loop regarding what you need in order to continue serving them well needs to be a joint responsibility, and the easiest and most effective way of doing it is by keeping them informed with real-time updates on social media.

Ideas For Lock-Down Social Posts

An honest update: Let people know how your business is doing, how your products/services are going to be available to clients and customers, what your plan is for the time being and the future, and how you commit to showing up for your audience in this season.

Don’t be afraid to show what’s happening behind-the-scenes, and let people in. Humans are looking for connection in this isolation, so keeping it real will likely serve you well.

Ask for support: How can your people who have the means to help offer a hand? Do you have gift cards available? Do you have specific products or services that would be especially helpful during this time? Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.

That’s what will keep the people who care about your business informed and aware of what to do. Give action items for those waiting and willing to help!

Offer support: How can you offer a hand to clients and the general public? What you say and how you act during this time can make a lasting impression on your audience. If you’re in a position to help, if you can ease the burden for other people, you’ll be making an investment in your future image that will be hard to beat.

Encouragement & free value: How are you handling this shake-up? What takeaways or perspective shifts are you experiencing? Are you realizing things that would be valuable to share, or do you have tips for others going through anxiety or fear?

Giving away value will endear your people to you more strongly and continue building a strong foundation of realness and trust.

Still stuck and unsure of what to post? Most people are craving normalcy right now, dig into your archives and share past experiences that make you feel happy too, and tell them why.