Search Engine Marketing – Measurable Results

One of the greatest benefits of search engine marketing lies in the fact that it’s one of the marketing strategies that’s more measurable than most. Making use of search engine marketing services lets you immediately determine the number of conversions you’ve achieved, whether into online leads or sales, as well as how much revenue your SEM has generated, and the overall return on investment.

In essence, search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing that promotes your online presence by increasing it’s visibility in search engine result pages. This may be achieved by a variety of means, including search engine optimisation, paid placement, and contextual advertising.

Expert Search Engine Marketing

In many cases, a professional search engine marketing specialist from a company or agency can be an important resource when it comes to an effective SEM campaign. A key aspect of search engine marketing is formed by SEO, or search engine optimization.

This is an increasingly popular, perhaps vital, technique that optimises your web content to give it greater relevance in search engine results. Remember though, that nobody knows your business, service or product like you do. Your own input will be essential as well.

Search engine optimization marketing has become a major marketing tool in a modern online environment, and it’s a service that many organisations are putting to excellent use when it comes to targeting their specific consumer market.

Additional Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

As well as the obvious, measurable benefits of an effective search engine marketing campaign, there are also other, less obvious benefits.

According to some wide-ranging research in the US, searchers are 38% more likely to perceive a brand as being of “exceptional quality,” simply from seeing a paid or sponsored link on their search results page. The study determined that this perception arose even without clicking on the link, and determining the credibility of the brand personally.

According to the study, a high search engine ranking is automatically equated with a perception of leadership and credibility.

A New Resource For Credibility

The realisation that search results, and therefore search engine marketing, are carrying positive effects through onto the entire consumer cycle, is leading to a paradigm shift in marketing strategy. Along with a new appreciation of the importance of brand credibility in the sales process, many companies are now making use of search engine marketing solely to build their brand.

According to a variety of studies codified by SEMPO’s annual survey of SEM agencies and advertisers, 61% of companies with online marketing campaigns are more likely to use search engine marketing to grow brand awareness, than simply to drive direct online sales.