Google Adwords – Targeted Internet Marketing

A Google Adwords campaign is widely considered one of the most effective targeted marketing opportunities that exists today on the internet. It takes advantage of Google’s ability to display a relevant ad alongside the search engine results that appear when a user searches for a specific term, or contextually depending on the content of the site on which your product will be advertised.

Certain predefined words, known as the Google Adwords keywords, will trigger the display of your advert when that keyword is used as a search term by users. The prominence, or ranking, of the Google Adwords advertisement will depend on a range of factors, including the amount you’re willing to pay for any click on your ad.

Google Adwords Advantages

Probably the most important advantage of Google Adwords is that you pay Google only when a user clicks on your ad. Your ad display ranking may depend on your keyword bid, but you only pay for each user who actually visits your site.

With no minimum charge, and only a nominal activation fee, Google Adwords are literally available to anybody with an internet connection and a credit card. With careful management, it can be one of the easiest, and most effective, ways of getting your message in front of people who are actually looking for your product or service.

In addition, recent studies have discovered that merely seeing an Adwords advert automatically enhances user perception of your credibility, one of the most important factors in driving online sales and promotions.

Finally, Google Adwords allows an unprecedented amount of measurement of your online campaign. Tracking the effectiveness of your advertisement in terms of visitors, leads, and generated income has never been easier. This lets you determine your return on investment (ROI) with ease, and adjust your campaign accordingly.

Choosing The Right Keywords

The centre of a high quality, professional Google Adwords campaign lies in the selection of the right keywords. These are the words associated with your product or service, which will trigger the display of your ad when they’re entered into a search engine.

It’s possible to choose the same keywords as other advertisers, in which case Google will rank paid results on the basis of the amount you’re willing to pay for each advert click. Therefore if you’ve bid R5 for a certain keyword, you’ll rank higher than somebody who only pays R2 per click, but lower than the company that pays R7.50 per click for the same keyword.

Ultimate Consumer Targeting

As well as determining what keywords you need associated with your product, Google gives you large degree of secondary targeting control through your account. It’s just as easy to customise your targeting based on language, country, and even geographical location within countries, as it is to set up the keywords that trigger your ad with Google Adwords.