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Structuring Your Content Around Reading Behaviour

With the new emphasis search engines are placing on content, many are wondering what kind of content to have on their sites. Google’s algorithm wants them to have natural and diverse keyword rich content. But is that what the average website visitor wants? That’s the problem with the new weight of content. Whereas in the […]

Guidelines For Writing Online Content

When it comes to writing for the web, and especially when it comes to writing SEO content, there are many different sets of guidelines and advice available online. These are a few that we’ve found work well under all sorts of circumstances. Easy Reading As we’ve mentioned in the past, people who read online tend […]

Content Length and Word Count

Everybody knows that people online just don’t read. Rather than sitting down and reading an article or a piece of information the same way that they’d read one in a magazine, online readers tend to skim and skip over online content, looking for important bits of info. And that means that content writers are faced […]

Using Keywords In Content

Once upon a time, when search engines were innocent, and search engine optimisers were blatant, you could stick keywords into your content, and search engines would rank you high in the results, just because your pages contained those words. These days though, it’s no longer quite so easy. Search engines, thanks largely to the efforts […]