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Facebook To Get Biggest Ever Redesign

At the end of last month, Facebook announced that it would be getting what will probably be the biggest ever redesign of the platform in 15 years. The new look was officially revealed at the annual Facebook Developers conference, (F8) in California. The new design will remove the ubiquitous blue menu bar, and replace it [...]

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Facebook Introducing Advanced Analytics

At the beginning of this month, Facebook announced that they were rolling out advanced analytics that would make it possible to measure performance at a level higher than simply on specific posts. This will allow page admins to see things like the actions people take on the pages themselves, including the number of follows and [...]

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Facebook AI Training To Prevent Suicides

Over the last year and more, there has been a disturbing trend of people live-streaming their suicides on Facebook, and considerable outcry against the social media platform for not doing anything to prevent it. Now, I'm not much of a Facebook fan, I'll be the first to admit. That said however, it seems unreasonable to [...]

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Fewer Featured Snippets

Ever since their appearance, featured snippets (or answer boxes) have been a prized search position, and much thought (and many strategies) have gone into getting them to appear for specific queries or sites. Earlier this year, a study was run on their prevalence, and noted SEO tools and data analysis company Ahrefs reported that featured [...]

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10 Years Of Google In Africa

The beginning of this month marked the 10th anniversary of the opening of the first Google office in Africa, and Google held an event in Johannesburg to celebrate the milestone. They used the opportunity to announce that their Digital Skills Programme had reached their target of training 1 million Africans in everything from social media [...]

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Tour South Africa’s National Parks On Google

Earlier this month, Google announced that after a year of preparation, planning, and a lot of walking by a lot of volunteers, they had captured Street View footage of all 19 major South African national parks. The imagery was captured by over 200 volunteers, who covered 900km on foot, carrying Google Street View (or perhaps [...]

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Exploring The New Google Ads Interface

There has been a lot of debate lately among the Google Ads community regarding the new Google Ads Interface, which has been released on Beta earlier in 2017. I, for one, have definitely been unenthusiastic about the “New Google Ads Experience” - When trying to get used to it, I always find myself getting frustrated [...]

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Posting Smart On Facebook: Socially Responsible Advertising

Social media comes with many privileges, and just like any other medium, these privileges come with responsibilities. Finding the balance between freedom of expression and social responsibility can be hard, particularly, from an individual perspective. The rules of engagement are somewhat different for individuals compared to businesses. Many businesses enlist the assistance of marketers to [...]

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Can You Rank In Google Without Inbound Links?

Inbound links have been a greater part of Google’s ranking factors since the beginning of time. According to Google algorithms, the more links you have pointing to your site indicates how useful the site is to users. Though Google has a great deal of other ranking factors, most people focus all their efforts on link [...]

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Twitter Testing 280 Character Tweets

The Twitter character limit has always been a thing. Except in countries where the written word makes use of an alphabet where characters can convey more meaning than mere letters can, like Japan, China & Korea. People have been lamenting the character limit (designed with the old SMS character limit in mind) for almost as [...]

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