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Google Local Reviews Going Missing

Complaints on Google’s blog have spiked recently, concerning the unexplained disappearance of reviews on certain Business Pages in Google+ Local. The disappearances are apparently largely without reason. Google’s public statement on the matter stated that they were looking into the problem and would try find a solution, in due time. These words are of little [...]

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Google Gets Fined For Cookiegate

Google isn’t exactly new to being accused of privacy issues or being ruled against in such cases. It’s to be expected for a company whose activities include photographing the cities and streets so people can take virtual tours of it (Street View) or monitoring search activity to make their results more intuitive. But many say [...]

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Google Testing Potential New Interface

We've talked about Google's Knowledge Graph in the past. A resource that would allow Google users to search any given person or topic and which returns, along with the regular results, a comprehensive summary of the topic with all the vitals details, as well as other related subjects that are in that subject's paradigm. This [...]

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Google Safe Browsing: 5 Years Old

5 years have passed since Google first announced it's plan to protect all users of their search engine from malware and phishing attacks, with its Safe Browsing policy. Today, following what was originally a somewhat humble goal of returning clean search results to queries, they are now the Internet’s main deterrence against these types of [...]

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5 Years of Safe Browsing With Google

According to the official Google blog, Google is celebrating 5 years since the release of its Safe Browsing policy. Its original goal was to make sure the results it displayed when you submitted a query were free of phishing and malware threats. Before this, when making use of a search engine, you essentially just had [...]

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Google Launches Knowledge Graph

Google has announced that today will mark the initial roll-out of the new Knowledge Graph search results interface, offering users enhanced search functionality and more relevant results. Currently this is rolling out only for English users in the US, but they'll be sending it worldwide at some point too. Find out more about the knowledge [...]

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Google Rolls Back Search Page Change

At the end of last year, I wrote a short piece about Google's latest change to the search page complete with screenshots and the (for me) rare admission that I actually quite liked a change that Google had made. Well, so much for that. Last week, Google announced that they'd changed the search page navigation [...]

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Head Of Google Kenya Fired

We recently mentioned the Mocality scandal in which Google Kenya had been illegally accessing and using the database of a Kenyan firm in order to sell people into their GKBO offer to Kenyan businesses, as well as misrepresenting their association with that firm. Google responded quickly to the allegations by Mocality when they were first [...]

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Google Sells Google Ads With Free Websites

In a bid to bring more businesses online, Google, in association with the Department of Trade and Industry, Vodacom, and the HRDC, is offering free websites to small and medium businesses who are looking for an online presence. All very noble and altruistic of course. However, a similar initiative, the "Get Kenyan Business Online" or [...]

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Google Discontinues Products

Google is carrying out another round of spring cleaning, according to the official Google blog. Effectively, they're in the process of shutting down and discontinuing a few of their less than successful products over the course of the next year. It isn't really a bad thing, although there will always be the people who found [...]

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