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Google, Facebook & The News

It has been a tumultuous month for Facebook and Google, as the world watched with interest while Australia threatened to make them pay for any local news content they displayed, Google threatened to pull out of Australia completely (to Microsoft's delight, as Bing was touted as a replacement) and Facebook simply banned the posting of [...]

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525 Million Africans Online

According to data compiled by marketing firm Miniwatts, and sourced from Nielsen Online, the International Telecommunications Union, GfK and local regulators, an estimated 525 million people on the African continent went online last month. More than internet users in North America and the Middle East combined, despite the lowest level of internet penetration. The only [...]

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SA Cybercrime Bill

More than 3 years after first being tabled in Parliament, the South African Cybercrimes Bill is finally on the verge of being officially enacted, with the Deputy Minister of Justice acknowledging that even though many cyber crimes are already illegal under other Acts, the current legislation is not advanced enough to keep up with online [...]

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First Human Vs AI Debates By IBM

In the first ever public demonstration of an AI technology that IBM has been working on for the last 5 years, last week saw the tech giant's "Project Debater" pit their artificial intelligence against two human debaters on the topics of government-subsidised space exploration, and telemedicine. Although the computer had never studied the topics, it [...]

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20 Years Since the First Photo on the Internet

Content on the internet today has stretched to the limits of what can be stored digitally. We can share entire movies in minutes, video chat in almost perfect quality without any lag and take self-paced virtual tours through cities. It doesn’t sound impressive at all, but when you consider that just two decades ago, the [...]

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Running Out Of IP Addresses

According to a recent report by ICANN, (the International Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers), the global body that allocates IP (internet protocol) addresses, the world is rapidly running out of IP addresses. Rod Beckstrom, ICANN chief executive, explained that only 8 or 9% of the original Ipv4 addresses remain, and that the [...]

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