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Google Synonym Matching And SEO

The various spellings of words and their numerous synonyms has always been an important factor in the SEO’s keyphrase strategy. And as anyone trying to optimise their content around numerous keywords will know, it can be a difficult task, with the added risk that Google might see it as manipulative. But as Google endeavours, with […]

Keyword Research For SEO And PPC

It’s becoming harder and harder to find meaningful data on organic search from Google. But one of the few data resources they do still maintain is their keyword data. Whether this is due to their obligations to their primary revenue stream, advertisers, is anyone’s guess, but the data is there. But even though it’s the […]

Keyword Classification is a Mixture of Numbers and People

A commercial companies’ choice of keywords to focus on in their site’s content, or the terms they purchase in a PPC campaign, are normally balanced between the relative popularity of the terms and the strength of the competition for those them. And while these still remain very valid indicators of what people are likely to […]

Multiple Keywords And Keyword Spam

We picked up on an interesting statement from Google’s Matt Cutts recently, where he was answering a question about the possibility of Google seeing multiple keyword variations on the same page as keyword spam or not. Essentially, he was being asked whether or not including, (for example) “design web” and “web design” on the same […]

Keyword Research Has Never Been So Important

At the beginning of this month, Google implemented the latest changes to their algorithm. And as a result, many websites have experienced a sudden and dramatic downturn in the number of visitors arriving via Google, because suddenly keyword order matters a lot more. The latest development has caused a lot of discussion in SEO circles, and […]

Importance of Keyword Research in Optimising Your Website and Getting Business

What Is Keyword Research? Keyword research is the art of finding the keywords your potential customers are using on the search engines, then determining how to incorporate those keywords into your marketing strategy. Through keyword research you can determine what words your customers, and even your competitors, are using most. This gives you an advantage […]

Importance of Keyword Research

The first step in realising the importance of keyword research is that of acceptance. Accepting that you, in actual fact, do not speak the same language as your customers and clients, you don’t know how they think, or what they want to gain from your services. In marketing, we speak in the language of solutions, […]