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Guide To Google SERP Features

Search engines, and especially Google, are always working to improve the user experience. In essence the whole point of search engine is to provide relevant and accurate information as quickly and as effectively as possible on request. Over time Google has developed advanced ways to deliver information to users almost instantly. One of the ways [...]

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Submit URLs To Google In Search Results

Getting your site indexed by Google has always been critical when it comes to appearing in the search engine results, and traditional means of doing so have usually been either waiting for Google to find it at worst, or at best, setting up a search console account (what used to be Google Webmaster Tools) and [...]

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The Shrinking SERP on Google

The first page of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is the holy grail of a valuable web presence. Even more so if it’s for a popular industry keyword. Websites, in some industries, can spend thousands each year optimising their pages, just to maintain their rank. And with each slip down the rankings, traffic can [...]

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