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Page Speed Affects Mobile Search Ranking

Earlier this year, Google announced that as part of their “Mobile First” drive, and their on-going commitment to providing answers to search queries as fast as possible, they will, as of July this year, be treating website page loading speed as a ranking factor on mobile searches. Speed has already been a ranking factor for […]

Website Speed And Conversions

We’ve been saying that site speed is important for optimisation for some time already. In fact, about a year ago, we wrote an article on this very topic. But now it turns out that not only is website speed important for optimisation, but it’s even more important for conversions too. (You can read about website […]

Website Speed Important For Optimisation

Search engine optimisation has always been an attempt to understand the factors that search engines like use to determine search engine ranking, and then making sure that you perform well according to those criteria.   Because search engines are careful to keep their ranking formula confidential to prevent manipulation, this has traditionally been a process […]