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Mobile Page Speed – New Industry Benchmarks

Page speed has been one of Google’s over 200 ranking signals for nearly 10 years now, but it only became an acknowledged factor for mobile ranking in 2018. With that update, (the Page Speed Update), it became crucial for businesses to provide a fast web experience across the board. No matter what people are doing […]

Page Speed Affects Mobile Search Ranking

Earlier this year, Google announced that as part of their “Mobile First” drive, and their on-going commitment to providing answers to search queries as fast as possible, they will, as of July this year, be treating website page loading speed as a ranking factor on mobile searches. Speed has already been a ranking factor for […]

Google’s Mobile First Index

Statistics show that in the recent past, mobile has overtaken desktop for the most number of search queries. These days, more than half of search queries are performed on mobile devices rather than on desktops. Google first rolled out the mobile friendly algorithm update in April 2015, to ready sites to support mobile usage and […]

Google Plans Mobile First Indexing

According to Google, the majority of people are more likely to search for information using a mobile device. It’s certainly no secret that a sites mobile friendliness is important when it comes to ranking in search engine results, but in the near future, that will take on a whole new dimension. According to a Google […]

Mobile SEO – Ranking In Mobile Search

As everybody knows by now, Google encourages sites to be mobile friendly.  In fact, since the “Mobilegeddon” algorithm update in April of this year, mobile-friendliness has been treated as a “significant” ranking factor. The reason for this focus on mobile friendliness is pretty obvious.  Earlier this month, Google reported that more than half of Google […]

Mobile Friendly Sites To Rank Better In Mobile Search

In a post on the official Google Webmaster blog yesterday, Google announced that as of the end of April, (the 21st in fact), the mobile friendliness of sites will be a ranking factor for websites in mobile search. According to the post, the change will affect mobile search results world wide and in all languages, […]

SEO in Cape Town Focuses on Mobile Access

As internet penetration in South Africa grows, the practice of SEO becomes more of standard requirement rather than just gaining a competitive edge. And with this, the market need for expert search engine optimisation consulting developed. Services for SEO in Cape Town have grown the fastest out of anywhere in South Africa, or Africa for […]