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Machine Learning: The Future of Google Ads Bidding Strategies?

From June 2017, Google Ads has a new Smart (Automated) Bidding strategy called Maximize Conversions. Google Ads Smart Bidding is defined as “A subset of automated bid strategies that use machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value in each and every auction—a feature known as “auction-time bidding”. Experimenting with Google Ads Smart Bidding […]

Google Automatically Adding Ads To Accounts

Google has started rolling out a new “service” to Google Ads users, by automatically opting them in to a new system called “Ads by Google Ads.” According to them these will “potentially improve your campaign performance.” They also recommend “running these ads indefinitely.” You can see what Google has to say about them here: Take […]

Google Frustrations – Taking Away Important Data

I regularly swing between loving Google and being seriously frustrated by them, and this is one of those really frustrating times. This is a long read, but I do think it’s worth it.  (Actually, I’ve cut about a thousand words from it to make it a bit shorter, but I couldn’t cut any more.) As […]

Competitor Google Ads Campaigns – Are They Worth It?

The ability to serve your advert when a user searches for a competitor brand term is a contentious subject. Some clients are enamoured with the concept and will spend thousands of Rands a month to ensure that their advert is served on every single search term related to their competitors, almost to the point of […]

Google Releases Google Ads Enhanced Campaigns

A new update is coming to Google Adwords in the middle of 2013. It’s hoping to address the massive increase in popularity of smartphones, and how people who surf the internet on these devices display much different user behaviour than those using PC’s. It does stand to reason that a person who’s using Google to look […]

Adwords Landing Page Quality Score

It appears that a recent change (or increase in enforcement) of the Google guidelines for Pay Per Click landing page quality score has seen an unknown number of Adwords customers either sternly warned, or banned outright, often with little or no explanation, and allegedly without recourse. Starting at the end of last month, Adwords users […]