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Machine Learning: The Future of Google Ads Bidding Strategies?

From June 2017, Google Ads has a new Smart (Automated) Bidding strategy called Maximize Conversions. Google Ads Smart Bidding is defined as “A subset of automated bid strategies that use machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value in each and every auction—a feature known as “auction-time bidding”. Experimenting with Google Ads Smart Bidding […]

Google Automatically Adding Ads To Accounts

Google has started rolling out a new “service” to Google Ads users, by automatically opting them in to a new system called “Ads by Google Ads.” According to them these will “potentially improve your campaign performance.” They also recommend “running these ads indefinitely.” You can see what Google has to say about them here: Take […]

Google Ads Optimisation – 10 Basics You Need to Know

[fusion_text]So, you set up an Google Ads campaign, your ads are live, traffic is coming to your website and you have a whole lot of data to show for it. But now what? The data can be overwhelming and confusing at first, but once you’ve familiarised yourself with the terms, and learnt to interpret that […]

Google Frustrations – Taking Away Important Data

I regularly swing between loving Google and being seriously frustrated by them, and this is one of those really frustrating times. This is a long read, but I do think it’s worth it.  (Actually, I’ve cut about a thousand words from it to make it a bit shorter, but I couldn’t cut any more.) As […]

Competitor Google Ads Campaigns – Are They Worth It?

The ability to serve your advert when a user searches for a competitor brand term is a contentious subject. Some clients are enamoured with the concept and will spend thousands of Rands a month to ensure that their advert is served on every single search term related to their competitors, almost to the point of […]

AdSense Policies Unclear

AdSense is not usually something we pay much attention to, because in general, it’s not really worth it unless your site is receiving huge amounts of traffic.  For those that aren’t familiar with it, suffice it to say that AdSense is the other side of the Google Display Network…it’s the programme for sites that wish […]

Multiple Location Extensions For Mobile Ads

Google recently announced an update to the Google Ads location extensions that will allow multiple locations to display for mobile search ads. This is great news for advertisers because it will help users to find the location that’s easiest and most relevant to them. So if your business has multiple locations, you can now set […]

Planning B2B Search Marketing

Business to business markets are still quite reluctant to use pay-per-click campaigns as a way to boost business. The purchasing cycles in the markets are longer, buyers are more educated and price sensitive and the internet is historically not a popular distribution channel for these types of products. However, when you consider the generally higher […]

Optimising AdScheduling Based on Dayparting

AdScheduling from Google Ads allows you to choose which times of the day you want your advertisements and PPC links to be displayed. Obviously this presents some interesting methods for advertisers to only have to pay for advertising when there’s actually a chance of conversions. The only challenge is trying to figure out when exactly […]