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Google Frustrations – Taking Away Important Data

I regularly swing between loving Google and being seriously frustrated by them, and this is one of those really frustrating times. This is a long read, but I do think it’s worth it.  (Actually, I’ve cut about a thousand words from it to make it a bit shorter, but I couldn’t cut any more.) As [...]

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Court Upholds Google Ads Decision

In a landmark decision last week, the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld an earlier High Court decision overturning a bid by Cochrane Steel to prevent a competitor from bidding on their brand name in Google Ads. The original ruling by the High Court found that the bidding on the keyword "ClearVu" (a brand owned by [...]

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Unpacking The Google Ads Layout Change

Recently Google made an unexpected change to how they’re laying out the Google Ads results in search. Instead of the old “3 ads at the top” and then a list of ads in the sidebar, they’ve done away with the sidebar entirely for what looks like most searches, and instead, are showing 4 ads at [...]

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Google Ads Results Layout Updated

In a surprising change, Google has rolled out a new ad display layout, that has significantly changed the ad real-estate landscape on search engine results pages.  According to their spokesman, these are supposed to be for commercial and high value queries, but so far I've been seeing them for a quite a few queries that [...]

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New Google Ads Ads for Mobile Searches

With Google’s recent mobile update to their algorithm, we saw mobile-friendly, responsive sites starting to earn a ranking advantage over non-responsive ones. Now we’re seeing another concerted effort from the search engine giant, to shift attention to the increasingly dominant smartphone market. New Google Ads ad mediums and platforms are soon being released that will [...]

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A New Way To Target Google Ads

Hot on the heels of Facebook’s introduction of ‘Custom Audiences’, Google is looking for a new way to target ads more directly. Custom Audiences is Facebook’s way of doing this, and the feature allows advertisers to upload a list of email addresses of customers or website users, and then target ads to those users, based [...]

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AdSense Policies Unclear

AdSense is not usually something we pay much attention to, because in general, it's not really worth it unless your site is receiving huge amounts of traffic.  For those that aren't familiar with it, suffice it to say that AdSense is the other side of the Google Display Network...it's the programme for sites that wish [...]

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Multiple Location Extensions For Mobile Ads

Google recently announced an update to the Google Ads location extensions that will allow multiple locations to display for mobile search ads. This is great news for advertisers because it will help users to find the location that’s easiest and most relevant to them. So if your business has multiple locations, you can now set [...]

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Google Changes How Mobile Ads Might Display

Starting October 15, Google will be changing the way that users see ads on mobile devices. As it stands now, mobile ads are displayed in a similar way to the ads we’re all familiar with seeing on a larger screen. In order to make it easier and quicker for users to find the information they’re [...]

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Google Ads Character Limits

I'm sure everybody who has ever had to write an Google Ads ad is familiar with the (often frustrating) Google Ads character limits. Just in case, let's quickly reprise them: Headline – 25 characters Description Line 1 – 35 characters Description Line 2 – 35 characters Display URL – 35 characters Easy enough to remember, [...]

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