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Understanding Conversion Rate Optimisation

We’ve always said that when it gets right down to it, the objective of your website is to convert visitors.  A conversion could be a sale, it could be a lead.  It could be somebody signing up for your newsletter or creating an account.  A conversion is a specific action carried out by a visitor […]

A Converting Landing Page Built on Solid Foundations

Conversion Rate Optimisation has become one of the more scientific online marketing practices. And for good reason. After all, paid search is too big an expense to just waste the conversion opportunity when someone arrives on your landing page. For those unfamiliar with the concept, conversion optimisation is the practice of tweaking and enhancing user […]

Avoid Penalties For Split Testing

Website testing is often performed by domain owners to improve their conversion figures. It involves using different version of your webpages and seeing which variant returns the best results. Conversions can be any human involvement metric which the domain owner chooses to test. It can be an incredibly effective tool in finding a combination of […]

Conversion Optimisation, Taking Over After Search Engine Optimisation Stops

Conversion optimisation is the art and science of optimising your website to increase the chances of visitors taking a desired action. This desired action could include any of the following: * Getting the visitor to buy what you’re selling * Getting the visitor to make contact * Getting the visitor to register/sign up/become a member […]

Bounce Rate And Search Engine Ranking

Recently, WebProNews published a very interesting article that asked whether the bounce rate of your website is, (or should be), taken into account by Google as a factor in search engine ranking. They make a good argument that it makes sense for the bounce rate to be a factor. What Is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate, for […]

Form Usability And Online Conversions

No matter how many visitors come to your website thanks to search engine results, or your online marketing efforts, it won’t help your business if your site doesn’t deliver on the promise it made to get them to visit in the first place. And it’s not enough to have some random page, deep inside your […]