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Facebook Introducing Advanced Analytics

At the beginning of this month, Facebook announced that they were rolling out advanced analytics that would make it possible to measure performance at a level higher than simply on specific posts. This will allow page admins to see things like the actions people take on the pages themselves, including the number of follows and [...]

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Protect Your Company Website Analytics

One of the most important tools you have when you're advertising online is website analytics. It gives you insight into where your website visitors are coming from, what their behaviours are, who your audience is, and what actions they are they taking on your website, with all the permutations thereof. Google Analytics is a free [...]

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Unexpected Analytics Spam

We've talked about spam appearing in Analytics accounts before. We also talked about how Google appeared to have won that particular round, and removed the referral spam, only to have it sneakily re-appear only a month later. Nothing really got said about it after that, but in the prelude to the thankfully just completed US [...]

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Spam Referrals Return To Google Analytics

Last month we reported that Google appeared to have finally managed to filter out the referral spam that was flooding Analytics with fake traffic.  And there was a general rejoicing amongst Analytics analysts and data people, because they'd been complaining about it for a long time. Did We Speak Too Soon? In that last little [...]

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Analytics Removes Referral Spam

For a couple of years now, webmasters and online marketing agencies have been faced with a pernicious problem in Analytics.  Referral spam.  Referral spam was a technique of submitting fake requests to a website, using the URL of the site that spammers wished to promote. The idea behind it was that webmasters would click through [...]

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Google Ads Search Query Data Limited

It's already been a few years now since Google encrypted search queries, first for searches carried out by users who were logged in, and then increasingly for any organic search, to the point where the majority of searches did not pass search query data. The rise of the infamous "not provided" keyword drove marketers and [...]

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Real Time Data VS Aggregated Data

‘Newer is better’ is a fairly common misconception about the world. This viewpoint is especially prevalent when it comes to the relevancy of financial and economic data. We may think we want the most up-to-date information as it’s released, but it often takes a little longer for the reliability of data to even out. Most [...]

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Encrypted Search Data Affects SEO

Recently, Google has instituted a policy of encrypting searches that people make when they're logged in to Google, and as a result, not providing the search terms they used to Analytics. Google claims that they've instituted this as a privacy measure, but there seems to be a large body of thought which disputes this, since [...]

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Analytics Data And PPC

If you use a pay per click campaign as part of your online marketing efforts, you should be tracking and analysing all your data, and you're all doing that, right? If you are, then you might have noticed that your PPC dashboard numbers don't necessarily match your analytics dashboard data. In this article, we'll suggest [...]

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