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Google & Fake News

In the latest salvo in the fake news stakes, Google itself has been identified as a major enabler of the proliferation of websites which spread fake news, or “disinformation.” It has been revealed in a recent investigation that many of these sites support themselves through the user of Google’s publisher advertising platform, Google Adsense. Adsense […]

New Look For Display Network Text Ads

AdSense has long offered quite a large variety of mediums on which to display adverts on the Google Display Network. The choices range from a simple banner advert offering a special promotion, to a video or rich media ads explaining specific product benefits. But with the plain text advert (the ads that resemble actual Google […]

Web Users Can Now Mute Google Ads Display Ads

If you’re not familiar with Google’s display ads, they come in many forms. They can be media-rich banners or just plain text on a web page. Google displays them on the actual sites rather than in the search results. Some users find them helpful, others just think they’re a nuisance. To mitigate criticism of these […]