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Google & Fake News

In the latest salvo in the fake news stakes, Google itself has been identified as a major enabler of the proliferation of websites which spread fake news, or “disinformation.” It has been revealed in a recent investigation that many of these sites support themselves through the user of Google’s publisher advertising platform, Google Adsense. Adsense […]

Exploring The New Google Ads Interface

There has been a lot of debate lately among the Google Ads community regarding the new Google Ads Interface, which has been released on Beta earlier in 2017. I, for one, have definitely been unenthusiastic about the “New Google Ads Experience” – When trying to get used to it, I always find myself getting frustrated […]

Google Introduces New Ad Filter

Google recently announced plans to add a default ad filter on the chrome web browser to filter out ads that create a frustrating web user experience. Though this may seem to be answered prayers for web browser users, what does it actually mean for advertisers who make revenue from online ads? Why Does Google Want […]

The Worst Online Advertising Techniques

Online shopping is one of the biggest phenomenons on the World Wide Web. Because so many people opt to browse online for products before purchasing, It‘s no wonder online ads are getting more intrusive and aggressive in hopes of driving sales. Why Do People Dislike Online Ads? The downside to most online ads is they […]

Improving The Online Ad User Experience

During the development of The Internet the way we know and love it today, we have all experienced frustration time-and-again when encountering online ads. Whether it’s a pop-up ad that interrupts your experience on a web page, or the sneaky kind that opens up a new browser window and unexpectedly blares loud music, annoying and […]

Google Increases Ad Transparency For Publishers

Google has introduced two new updates in their AdSense feature that will increase transparency for publishers regarding  AdSense policy violations, hopefully making it quicker and easier to understand, and resolve, policy violations. Page Level Action Policy To begin with, Google has made changes regarding how they address AdSense policy violations, improving the technology and refining […]

Digital Advertising Spend Growth Continues

According to a report published earlier this month by global media network company Carat, advertising spend on digital media could become as much as 27% of the total global media spending this year. Their forecast on total advertising expenditure across all media shows total advertising spend (based on data from 59 countries worldwide) is expected […]

Taking Advantage Of Micro-Moments

Think about how attached to your phone you are. Chances are that your phone has become an indispensable part of your day-to-day life. The cell phone is rapidly taking over digital traffic from desktop, and it’s scarcely surprising. You’re never more than an arm’s length away from being connected to the world, and that’s not […]

Online Advertising: Target Your Market

Online advertising is a form of advertising that uses the technology of the internet, in order to spread your marketing message across a network of different channels. Online advertising offers some significant advantages over more traditional media, particularly in it’s immediacy, and lack of geographical limitation. An ad designed for the purposes of online advertising can be […]