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Google Bringing More Plus To Results

We recently wrote about the furore that Google has been facing thanks to its increasing inclusion of Google+ results inside search results. You can find out more in our articles Google Search Plus Your World and Twitter Criticises Google+ In Search Now it appears that Google is bringing in another Google+ option for search results, […]

Twitter Criticises Google For Google+ In Search

The recent announcement regarding Google’s integration of Google+ content with search results, (as discussed here in our article on Google Search Plus) has produced some interesting reactions. Accusations of Google using its position in search to unfairly advantage its own products have been rumbling around for quite some time now, but it seems that this latest […]

Google Search Plus Your World

If you’re signed into Google.com when you search, you’re going to start seeing a new message on your search results page. A message like this: If you see that above your results, it means that you’ve Google’s latest search format, “Search Plus Your World.” This feature went live yesterday, but hasn’t been activated everywhere yet, […]