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Google Pigeon Update: What We Know After Week 1

It’s been a week since Google’s Local Search algorithm update was rolled out in the U.S. Since our last article on the subject a few SEO experts have weighed in, reporting any changes they’ve noticed and sharing their opinions about the update on various platforms. The algorithm is still in its early days so we’re [...]

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Google Updates Local Search Algorithm

Last week Thursday (24 July 2014) Google released its new algorithm update which, though yet unnamed by Google, has been dubbed Pigeon by SEOs. The new algorithm will have a noticeable impact on local search results, mainly within Google Map Search but also in the Google Web Search. So far, the algorithm is only affecting [...]

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Verbatim Results From Google

A long time ago, when search engines were new, there was a search operator known as "and" that made sure the words that it joined were both present on the pages you got as search engine results. To use it, all you had to do was add a + symbol in your search. So if [...]

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Google Discovers Malware

In an early morning (our time) post in Google+, Matt Cutts has announced that Google has discovered that some users computers appear to be infected by a type of malware (malicious software) that uses their computers to send traffic to Google through a series of proxies. Because Google can detect these unusual patterns in traffic, [...]

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Google Instant Preview

In a move which some claim is an attempt to catch up with Microsoft's Bing search engine, Google has just rolled out testing on their new feature, Google Instant Preview. The instant preview allows you to see a snapshot of the page that each search result points to. All you need to do is click [...]

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Synonyms In Google Search

Since the beginning of this year, Google has been gradually including synonyms for the words that users are searching for in its results. It hasn't necessarily been a dramatic change on the face of things, nor does it mean that Google always displays synonymous results. But there could be SEO implications to their use of [...]

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Google Place Search

Yesterday Google announced their latest feature, the Google Place Search. Place Search allows Google users to easily find information about local businesses, by clustering search results around a specific area. According to Google product manager Jackie Bavaro, writing on the official Google blog yesterday, more than 20% of searches on Google nowadays are related to [...]

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