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New Penguin Discounts Links

Last month we posted about the new Penguin update finally going live, and about how it was now a real-time, built in component of Google’s search algorithm. Since then, some more interesting information has come to light about Penguin, with Google’s Gary Illyes confirming to Marketing Land that not only does the algorithm focus mostly […]

Google May Help Fight Negative SEO

For a long time, negative SEO was seen as sort of a myth, spread amongst webmasters. But it may finally be recognised, not only as very real but also quite a substantial threat. It doesn’t really affect sites with solid link profile and powerful reputations. Smaller websites, trying to carve out a web presence through […]

Link Building That Complements Professional Search Engine Marketing

It’s the SEO activity which is the probably the most outsourced as it typically doesn’t require much creativity, just time and an eye for opportunity. But link building can be a very big influencer, in terms of your ranking and how Google perceives your website in general. The problem is that many websites build links […]

Building Links The Right Way

As everybody in the search engine optimisation trade knows, and as we’ve mentioned countless times before, building good quality back links to your site is a vital and integral part of doing well in search engine rankings. But it’s important to make sure you’re going about building your links the right way. Far too many […]