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The Evolution Of SEO

Search engine optimisation has always been one of the most contentious, and contended, aspects of online marketing.  There was a time, not all that many years ago, when ranking highly in search engine results was pretty much entirely a matter of getting a whole bunch of links pointing back to your site. What those links […]

New Penguin Discounts Links

Last month we posted about the new Penguin update finally going live, and about how it was now a real-time, built in component of Google’s search algorithm. Since then, some more interesting information has come to light about Penguin, with Google’s Gary Illyes confirming to Marketing Land that not only does the algorithm focus mostly […]

Buying Legitimate Links

Although buying links for the purposes of manipulating search engine rankings is rightly frowned upon by Google, the search engine company has explicitly recognised that the buying and selling of links for advertising purposes is a recognised part of the economy of the internet. You can read what Google says about paid links here. If […]

Paid Links – Good or Bad?

As we all know, search engines like Google make use of the existence of links from external sources that point to your website to assist them in determining the reputation of your website. Because it’s considered a good thing to have such links, external links are much in demand, and as a result, every now […]