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Can You Rank In Google Without Inbound Links?

Inbound links have been a greater part of Google’s ranking factors since the beginning of time. According to Google algorithms, the more links you have pointing to your site indicates how useful the site is to users. Though Google has a great deal of other ranking factors, most people focus all their efforts on link […]

Why SEO Is Unpredictable

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making strategic efforts to improve search engine rankings by implementing more relevant content, creating a positive user experience, and ensuring that your page will be visible to Google. Think of Google as a factory manager who has a list of every product in the factory and […]

The Personalisation Of Search

Search engine optimisation. One of the holy grails of online marketing is the first organic result for a search for your products or services. Everybody wants to be on the front page, everybody wants to be first. And equally obviously, only one result can be first, and only 10 (but probably fewer) results can be […]

Pop-Up Mobile Ad Penalty

Earlier this month, Google’s latest algorithm update went into effect, penalising mobile sites with intrusive pop-up ads and interstitials (the full screen ads or notices that load on top of the page you were going to). Intended to improve the user experience for people trying to access content on mobile devices, this change has followed […]

Google Plans Mobile First Indexing

According to Google, the majority of people are more likely to search for information using a mobile device. It’s certainly no secret that a sites mobile friendliness is important when it comes to ranking in search engine results, but in the near future, that will take on a whole new dimension. According to a Google […]

Is Google Becoming A Directory Site?

We mentioned in an earlier article that we’ve been doing some research into the way that Google Localisation is affecting search engine results, and we’ve started to wonder if Google has forgotten that it’s a search engine. Take a look at the image below, where we did a search for used cars in Johannesburg. This […]

Understanding Google SEO

Google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is becoming a vital part of online marketing and success. It is aimed at making Google see your website as very relevant in response to certain keywords and key phrases. If Google sees your web site as very relevant, it will place your web site in the top ranks of […]