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Common Web Design Mistakes Impact SEO

As we’ve pointed out before, no matter what keywords you target, there are likely to be thousands, if not millions, of websites that are competing for the same keywords and that important first page Google ranking. A good SEO strategy will improve your chances, but the best strategy can’t help you if your sites web […]

The SEO Quick-Fix Illusion

One of the major misconceptions about search engine optimisation, (SEO), is that it’s a quick fix that SEO professionals can simply add onto your finished website after the fact, to help you get the best rankings. In reality though, SEO is nothing of the sort. Rather, SEO is a focused strategy that needs to be […]

SEO is Not IT – Not Just For Techies

It seems that even in the technology-dominated society in which we live there are still many people struggling with a few tech-oriented concepts. For instance, not everything involving a computer or the Internet is the exclusive domain of the elite few, the IT techies. The accessibility of the Internet has made it a tool to […]