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A New Way To Calculate PageRank

A recent patent filed by Google suggests that the search giant may be considering a change to the way that pages are assigned rank by their algorithm.  The original PageRank system calculated the value of a page largely by determining the number and source of links pointing to a page, and despite the obvious limitations [...]

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How Important Are The Latest Ranking Factors

A recent study published on Moz examined the relative impacts of the latest ranking factors released by Google on both informational and commercial queries. As you'll recall, those two ranking factors are mobile friendliness, and HTTPS, both new ranking factors announced by Google last year, and rolled out in the intervening time period. Mobile Friendliness [...]

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7 Pack Becomes 3 Pack For Local Results

As of the beginning of this month, Google began implementing a change to the way that the local results are displayed in search.  Where we've been used to search engine results displaying 7 local listings (with the map on the side), Google has now replaced this with only 3 local listings displayed in-line with the [...]

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The Value of FAQs

We’ve all seen our share of very useful and entirely confusing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ or Q&A) sections. They can be a massive help when their questions seem to almost read your mind, but a very negative user experience when the questions and answers feel foreign and ambiguous to you. Many modern online marketers have [...]

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Google Structured Snippets

It was announced yesterday in a post on the Google Research Blog that Google has rolled out a new feature that can show tabular data from your page under the description in the search engine results. That means that if you have a table of product specs, for example, on your page, relevant information from [...]

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Google Penguin Update – Finally

In early 2012, Google released an algorithm update that was codenamed “Penguin.” This update was touted as an anti-spam measure, apparently mostly aimed at bad linking. Another thing about Penguin was that it wasn’t something you could recover from, (they said), without cleaning up your previous spam. But there was nothing you could do once [...]

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Google Panda 4.0 Rolls Out

If you've been following along with the on-going state of the SEO industry, you'll know that recent times have been fraught with changes.  On that score at least, things have stayed the same, in that they continue to change, and Google's latest evolution has been the roll-out of the latest update to the Panda algorithm, [...]

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Context Is The Real King

The increasing industry focus on semantic search and context based content has created some of the biggest upsets in SEO in years, as well creating a significant surge in social media marketing. In general though, the only people really upset are old-fashioned SEO’s, who see the new Google Hummingbird algorithm as a giant free for [...]

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The Focus of Your Search Engine Optimization Services

With so many SEO methods available today, many are wondering if there are any quick and cheap search engine optimization practices that can get them results. A good SEO agency knows there are no easy-fixes for your rankings. While many companies offer search engine optimization packages that will include a combination of the below services, [...]

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Common Web Design Mistakes Impact SEO

As we've pointed out before, no matter what keywords you target, there are likely to be thousands, if not millions, of websites that are competing for the same keywords and that important first page Google ranking. A good SEO strategy will improve your chances, but the best strategy can't help you if your sites web [...]

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