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Web Design – Accordions

Everybody is familiar with accordions on websites, those little tables (popular for FAQ’s for example) where clicking on the text of the question, or the icon next to it, opens up a section of content that was previously collapsed. As we move ever further into a mobile web experience, accordions have become a crucial part […]

To Animate Or Not To Animate

In a technological era characterised by sensory overload, your content is required to constantly compete for the attention of your audience. With increased internet access and blossoming interest in Instagram and YouTube-based media, it’s clear that bold graphics and moving pictures are more likely to catch the attention of users, especially if they appear on […]

Mobile User Experience May Affect Rankings

At a recent search marketing expo, Google engineer Gary Illyes spoke extensively about user experience, saying that webmasters should be focusing more attention in this area. But why the stress on user experience? Well it seems that Google may use mobile user experience as a part of its ranking algorithm. Google Webmaster Tools Fetch and […]

Common Web Design Mistakes Impact SEO

As we’ve pointed out before, no matter what keywords you target, there are likely to be thousands, if not millions, of websites that are competing for the same keywords and that important first page Google ranking. A good SEO strategy will improve your chances, but the best strategy can’t help you if your sites web […]

Web Design: Making Your Site Look Good

One of the most important factors in a successful online presence depends on your sites web design. As a result, the increase in online marketing has been followed by a corresponding increase in web design companies, offering a web design service to anybody who wishes to implement a site. Good web design serves a vital function for […]

Characteristics Of Good Web Design

A properly designed website is both user friendly and SEO friendly, while also being persuasive enough to optimise for visitor-to-customer conversion. SEO Web Design A correctly designed website is automatically optimised for search engines. The rule of thumb is that if your website is easy for people to use, chances are the search engines will love […]