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Facebook Reduces Click Bait

When it comes to Facebook, the term “organic reach” refers to the percentage of your followers who will see something you post in their feed.  In what many commentators have suggested was an attempt to encourage people (or at least companies) to pay to “promote” their posts, Facebook has, in recent months, reduced the organic […]

Is Your Social Media Presence Really Selling Your Products?

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a business that doesn’t have a Facebook page. And, on paper, it makes sense for these businesses to set up these pages and employ people full-time to maintain them. The statistics for worldwide social media use are staggering. In just one day Facebook users post over 4.5 […]

The Internet by Numbers – Global & Local Online Statistics

The number of internet users worldwide grows every day. The online world is already a big place, and it’s only going to continue to grow. Right now, about a third (35%) of the world’s total population has access to an internet connection – that’s about 2.5 billion people. The country with the highest internet penetration […]

Social Networking Growth Predicted

According to a report released by the BMI-Techknowledge Group, a business-to-business commercial and industrial research group focusing on the high-tech industry, social networking in South Africa is set to increase by a factor of three over the next four years. The report examines online activity in South Africa, and forecasts potential changes in how and […]