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Facebook To Remove White Nationalist Content

As we've seen from far too many recent articles, Facebook is under global pressure from the governments of many different companies to both be more conscious of, and to take more responsibility for, the content that is posted on their platform. As a result, Facebook announced earlier this month that they will begin taking down [...]

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Instagram To Remove Fake Likes & Followers

Last week Instagram (owned by Facebook), announced that in a continuing effort to reduce "inauthentic" (fake) activity on the platform, they would begin removing fake likes and followers from the hugely popular social platform. They believe that this will allow for a more genuine Instagram experience, and intend for the move to mostly affect those [...]

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Instagram & Modern Marketing

In our modern and fast paced digital world, that's all too often driven by an "I'll believe it when I see it" mindset, there are new forms of content, and new ways to market, appearing all the time. As an almost perfect outgrowth of this, Instagram, an online mobile photo and video sharing social network, [...]

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Microsoft Acquiring LinkedIn

Microsoft recently made a remarkably large bid to claim space in the social networking sphere with their proposal to purchase LinkedIn, (the worlds largest professional social network) for over $26 billion. The largest acquisition deal ever made by Microsoft, analysts believe that the deal signals a further move away from the software model that has [...]

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South Africa On Social Media – 2016

World Wide Worx and Fuseware conduct a regular survey into South African use of social media platforms.  Their latest South African Social Media Landscape report was released earlier this year, and had the following to say about how we as South Africans are using social media: South Africa On Facebook Facebook remains the most commonly [...]

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Personal Sharing Declines

According to a recent study by GlobalWebIndex, personal sharing on social media has undergone a significant decline, even while sharing for non-personal (commercial or tangentially commercial) reasons has increased. Since 2014, the reasons people give for sharing on social media has seen a global 33% reduction for "staying in touch with friends" and "sharing my [...]

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Understanding Online Reputation Management

In a digital world, word of mouth travels faster than ever before, and the credibility and reputation of your brand are tangible assets that can both accumulate value, or depreciate, depending on a wide range of factors.  With over 60% of users influenced by online reviews, a few negative results online can have a significant [...]

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South Africa Online – By The Numbers

As technology advances in even bigger leaps from year to year, it becomes easier to get more of the world’s population online. Internet penetration – that is, the number of people who have access to the internet – is currently sitting at about 42%, or 3.01 billion of the 7.2 billion people in the world. [...]

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Are You Seeing Tweets From People You Don’t Follow?

Facebook recently came under fire for it’s now infamous ‘Emotional Study’ which involved the manipulation of a number of user’s timelines. The stalwarts of Twitter, one of Facebook’s biggest competitors in the world of social media, have always cited Twitter’s real-time reverse-chronological newsfeed, especially relevant for the vast number of news and magazine accounts on [...]

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Facebook Reduces Click Bait

When it comes to Facebook, the term "organic reach" refers to the percentage of your followers who will see something you post in their feed.  In what many commentators have suggested was an attempt to encourage people (or at least companies) to pay to "promote" their posts, Facebook has, in recent months, reduced the organic [...]

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