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Twitter Suffers Sudden Outage

After a sudden, four hour, Twitter service outage yesterday, many deprived Twitterers were left in a froth with everyone asking, what exactly had happened? Twitter's official word on the event was that it was caused by a 'cascaded bug'. Don't worry if you've never heard the term, no one has either. Twitter apparently just invented [...]

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Latest Twitter Updates

Social search has been a hot topic over the last few years. With the amount and speed of content being propagated on these types of sites, being able to navigate effectively through such a breadth of potentially valuable data was valid interest. And with Google+ being the first to release a high functionality social search [...]

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Twitter Opens Automated Advertising

Twitter has had their "promoted Tweets" program running for some time now, as part of their effort to turn a profit from the widely used and ever-popular so-called micro-blogging service. Now, in a long awaited move, Twitter has opened up the process of advertising on their platform to small businesses, in conjunction with American Express, [...]

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Twitter Criticises Google For Google+ In Search

The recent announcement regarding Google's integration of Google+ content with search results, (as discussed here in our article on Google Search Plus) has produced some interesting reactions. Accusations of Google using its position in search to unfairly advantage its own products have been rumbling around for quite some time now, but it seems that this latest [...]

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Twitter To Serve Promoted Tweets

According to recent news reports, Twitter announced yesterday that they will begin placing advertisements in users timelines, in a long anticipated attempt to effectively monetise the service. These ads, or "promoted tweets" as Twitter calls them, will be delivered only to followers of the company that's advertising (for now?) and they'll be launching it with [...]

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Twitter Announces Advertising Via Tweet

In a post on the Twitter Blog yesterday, the popular micro-blogging service announced that they will be serving ads, or “promoted tweets” in the timelines of users who follow the company that's advertising. Twitter has been looking for a way to be profitable for years now, and nobody is quite sure if they've managed it [...]

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Twitter Trends South Africa

Ever popular, socially revolutionary, mind-numbingly boring, information overload. No matter what you think about it, Twitter has become a pervasive feature of the information-age landscape for good or ill. Often referred to as a micro-blogging service, Twitter (as you'll know if you pay any attention to these things), lets users broadcast (or Tweet) messages of [...]

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Microsoft Bing Gets Twitter

According to a news report released today, Microsoft has gained the coveted right to index the hugely popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter. After lengthy discussions, the deal between the two was announced yesterday at a San Francisco technology conference, and from now on, Microsoft's search engine Bing will become the new way to discover what people [...]

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South Africa Tenth On Twitter

According to a recent report by Canadian research company Sysomos, South Africa has become the tenth largest twitter user in the world. According to the report, SA accounts for 0.85% of the total global use of the popular micro-blogging platform, with Japan coming in at 11th place with 0.71%, the Philippines 12th with 0.64%, and [...]

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Twitter Tests List Feature

Twitter announced yesterday that they have started testing a new feature for the popular micro-blogging service. The new "List" feature will allow users to organise their tweets by assigning them to various sub-categories. According to a blog post by project leader Nick Kallen, "The idea is to allow people to create lists of Twitter accounts. [...]

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