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To Animate Or Not To Animate

In a technological era characterised by sensory overload, your content is required to constantly compete for the attention of your audience. With increased internet access and blossoming interest in Instagram and YouTube-based media, it’s clear that bold graphics and moving pictures are more likely to catch the attention of users, especially if they appear on […]

Google Discontinues Site Search

For years now, (since 2008) Google has made it possible for website owners to use their powerful search functionality on their own websites. Now, according to a recent announcement, they will no longer be licensing this function as of the 1st of April this year. Existing customers can continue using the product until their license […]

Mobile User Experience May Affect Rankings

At a recent search marketing expo, Google engineer Gary Illyes spoke extensively about user experience, saying that webmasters should be focusing more attention in this area. But why the stress on user experience? Well it seems that Google may use mobile user experience as a part of its ranking algorithm. Google Webmaster Tools Fetch and […]

Using SEO in the Foundations of Website Design

In an ideal world, search engine optimisation shouldn’t be something that gets done as an afterthought. If you’re really intending to succeed at online marketing, then search engine optimisation is something you need to take into account from the very moment you start planning on building a website. Environmental Analysis Use your company’s existing marketing […]

Why Bad Sites Rank

How sites rank in certain industries on Google often doesn’t seem to make any sense. When a website, that looks like it was designed by a hyper-active teenager in the 90’s can be found more easily that one with interesting content and an intelligent design, you could understandably question the value of Google’s weighting algorithm […]

Effective Website Design – Less Is More

When it comes to hiring somebody to design a website for your business, you’re usually paying attention to the goals you’d like your website to achieve. In other words, bringing you business, and converting visitors into leads. But there are other important factors that have to be kept in mind as well, and a professional […]

Website Design – Attraction, Usability & Accessibility

Every aspect of the sites we create at Net Age has been carefully considered, and deeply thought-out. We do everything for a reason, with set goals in mind, and using the methods and tools we’ve learned through experience will help achieve these goals. The foundation of a website design is based on these 3 principles. […]